Store Closing

Posted by Carrie on Oct 3rd 2022

This store is no longer active. All orders placed in August and earlier have been shipped. Any orders placed after the final deadline have been refunded.I apologize for the extreme delay.  … read more

Order for June 2022

Jun 26th 2022

All orders placed on or prior to June 16, 2022 have now been sent to the printer and are in production. Please allow 3-4 weeks for completion. Once I have merchandise in my home, I will be shipping it … read more


Aug 31st 2021

Hello all! Due to the pandemic, the stock availability changes daily. This is a GLOBAL issue. Please note that I will contact you if your item is out of stock (either item itself, size or color c … read more

Design Ideas

Aug 30th 2017

Each Month I want to be able to offer a NEW design for merchandise! It becomes a difficult process and takes time to create.If you have any designs that you have already formatted that you are willing … read more

July Merchandise Orders

Aug 1st 2017

Hello Merchandise Fans!All orders placed from end of May through end of July have been placed. Please keep in mind a few things.*I place orders as soon as I have a group of them, USUALLY … read more